Frozen Vegetables specifications

Kind of Frozen Vevetable

Frozen Artichoke
Frozen Asparagus
Frozen Asparagus Beans
Frozen Baby Corn
Frozen Bamboo
Frozen Bamboo Shoot
Frozen Black Fungus
Frozen Boletus Edulis
Frozen Broad Beans
Frozen Broccoli
Frozen Brussels Sprouts
Frozen Carrots
Frozen Cassava
Frozen Cauliflower
Frozen Champignon
Frozen Champignon Mushroom
Frozen Chili
Frozen Corn
Frozen Crinkle Cut Carrots
Frozen Edamame
Frozen French Fries
Frozen Garlic
Frozen Ginger
Frozen Green Asparagus
Frozen Green Beans
Frozen Green Peas
Frozen Green Pepper
Frozen Green Soybeans
Frozen Lotus Root
Frozen Mixed Mushrooms
Frozen Mixed Vegetables
Frozen mixed vegetables (Broccoli/ Cauliflower)
Frozen mixed vegetables (Broccoli/ Cauliflower/ Carrots)
Frozen mixed vegetables (Carrots/ Green Beans/ Corn/ Peas)
Frozen Mushrooms
Frozen Nameko
Frozen Okra
Frozen Onion
Frozen Oyster Mushroom
Frozen Pea
Frozen Peapods
Frozen Peppers Capsicums
Frozen Potato
Frozen Pumpkin
Frozen Red Pepper
Frozen Shiitake
Frozen Soybeans Edamame
Frozen Spinach
Frozen Sugar Snap Peas
Frozen Suillus Granulatus
Frozen Sweet Corn
Frozen Sweet Potato
Frozen Tapioca
Frozen Vegetables
Frozen Water Chestnuts
Frozen White Asparagus
Frozen White Cauliflower
Frozen Yellow Squash
Frozen Zucchini
Other Frozen Vegetable

Frozen Vegetable Package

Private Design
Private Labeling
Agro Agr Packaging
Other Frozen Vegetable Package

Package Weight

Package with 100gr
Package with 200gr
Package with 300gr
Package with 500gr
Package with 1kg
Package with 10kg
Other Package Weight

Frozen Vegetables Presentation

Irregular Cuts of Vegetables
Dices of Vegetables
Slice of Vegetables
Cube of Vegetables
Crinkle-Cut of Vegetables
Quarter Cuts of Vegetables
Random Cuts of Vegetables
Burdocks Strips of Vegetables
Whole Vegetables
Other Frozen Vegetables Presentation

Kind of Frozen Vegetable Box

Carton Box
Plastic Box
Styrofoam Box
Othe Kind of Frozen Vegetable Box